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Through independence, superior expertise, systems, and relationships, as well as a primary commitment to integrity, detail and service, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of benefit consultation, products and services that meet the particular needs and circumstances of our client employers and employees.



Andrew & Alexander, and its principals, have been in the employee benefits business over 35 years, working in all facets of the business, with all types and sizes of businesses. Its principals have developed products, marketed and enrolled products and administered products, so it is uniquely qualified to understand the various issues that need to be considered in implementing a benefits package. We remain at the forefront of constantly changing industry trends, as well as the changing employee benefit products and providers. Click here for information on our Background/ Principals.


First and foremost, Andrew & Alexander is committed to integrity and honesty in everything we do. Anything less than the full truth and full disclosure is not acceptable.


Andrew & Alexander is committed to service, before, during and after enrollment. We are always "on call" for our clients and their employees to answer any and all questions and issues that may arise. We are your one-stop resource.


Andrew & Alexander is committed to serving our clients' needs and circumstances first. Therefore, we are completely independent, working with an unlimited number of carriers. As a result, we are able to select and offer the best products from the best carriers.


Because of our independence and experience, Andrew & Alexander can offer employers a full line of benefit options. In addition, we can allow employees to select the benefits most important to them.

Consolidated Billing:

While we may offer multiple carriers' products to a single employer, in order to meet their specific needs, our consolidated billing service allows employers to still receive a single bill.

Customization: We will customize a package of benefits hat best complements or replaces any existing benefits, given the specific needs and circumstances of our clients' employees.

Background/ Principals

Andrew & Alexander, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with affiliated offices in Austin and Houston, was formed for the purpose of serving as an employee benefits boutique. As its Mission Statement indicates, it is committed to excellence in all areas of its business, including expertise, integrity, and service. First and foremost, however, it is committed to integrity as its foundation. The following is a brief description of its key officers.

John A. Bonnet

Andrew & Alexander's founder, John A. Bonnet, has been in the benefits business in excess of 35 years and is regarded as one of the premier and most creative employee benefits specialists in the country. Mr. Bonnet serves as President of the company. After graduating from Texas Christian University in 1960, he entered the insurance and benefits business in 1961 and has long been recognized as one of the most creative insurance executives in the United States. Early in his career, he developed a particular interest in employee benefits, and by age 24, he was already a broker for a large national association for which he created a unique benefit program including medical, life, pension and profit sharing plans.

His creative mind led him to develop, among other things, the first group universal life program in the country in 1980, the first full administration and communication package for Section 125 plans in 1986, the First Choice program (cafeteria plan) in 1976, a special group life program in 1991, which was chosen by "The Human Resource Executive Magazine" as the outstanding new insurance product introduced to the benefits community in 1991. He has developed numerous other products and concepts in the market today.

His recognition and ability has lead him to many speaking engagements around the country and he is regularly called upon by companies and other brokers to solve their complex benefit needs. While he continues to actively develop new products and plan designs, today, through Andrew & Alexander, he is engaged primarily in solving the day-to-day benefit needs and problems for both small and large employers and associations.


John A. Bonnet, III

John has been the Executive Vice President since 1997. After obtaining degrees in both finance and real estate from The University of Texas at Austin with honors, John attended The University of Texas Law School where he was a member of The Texas Law Review and graduated with honors. Thereafter he worked as a corporate attorney for a number of years prior to joining Andrew & Alexander. His training and natural tendencies have been invaluable in bringing a very detailed and consumer orientated perspective to the benefits business.

He has been largely responsible for the company’s tremendous growth over the past 10 years. His work in developing materials, systems and procedures that make for easy understanding by consumers of somewhat complicated programs has led to higher, consistent customer satisfaction.

Alan Witten

Alan was recently named the Senior Vice President of Sales for Andrew & Alexander. Alan’s responsibilities in the development of manpower throughout the United States to develop representatives for Andrew & Alexander nationwide. This new initiative requires someone who measures up to the Bonnets in professionalism, integrity, and expressions. Alan, referred to by many as “Mr. Enthusiasm,” brings 33 successful years of experience. As a credit to his ability, loyalty, and endurance, 25 of those years were with one single-natured marketing organization where he served as Senior Vice President and National Sales Director.

His leadership, ability to attract other quality sales people, and ability to motivate others helped him produce over $400 million in insurance premium in only 2 products.

His tremendous motivation to help others motivate the goals of Andrew & Alexander and thus his leadership is very important. His saying is “if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want.”


Andrew & Alexander is strongly affiliated with many nationally recognized experts in the benefits business, and as a result is able to quickly and efficiently locate and implement the best solutions for a client's needs. It is also known by most of the major carriers in the nation, an invaluable asset in terms of obtaining quotes, plan designs and negotiating rates.

Andrew & Alexander affiliates itself only with companies and individuals who share the same ideals and philosophy as it possesses. . . firms that believe in excellence, integrity, service and CREATIVITY. . . firms that understand and live by the concept of being a "partner" with each of its clients.  

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